Tech Reviews

  • Insure stories are status Defined
  • Provide estimates and launch dates
  • Move stories to Sprint based on team work capacity

Sprint Planning

  • What went right and wrong in the Sprints
  • Meet with team to select stories for future Sprints
  • Sprint planning based on team capacity to complete work

Removing Blockers

  • Remove Developer impediments/conflicts
  • Adjust story capacity, if more time is required for completion
  • Prioritize stories of greater value or urgency


  • Completed stories by each team member
  • Capacity of individual team members to complete stories
  • Highlight team member accomplishments

Over Fifteen years of Scrum Master, Business Analysis, Project Leadership and Front-End Development • Consistent track record of delivering projects on time and within budget • Adept to communicating with both technical and business groups • Self- motivated analytical thinker with strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills • Exceptional leadership in taking projects from concept to completion.

Specialties: Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Project Management and Front-End Web Development.